Wheatland Volunteer Fire Department

What We Do

When you dial 9-1-1 we are notified by pager and siren of your emergency. We leave our homes jobs, and families, in our personal vehicles.  When you see  vehicle with a flashing red light Please PULL OVER.  The next emergency may be yours.
We still put the wet stuff on the red stuff.  Our methods of extinguishment have gotten better over time.  The best method of extinguishment is a quick interior attack if possible.  This is made possible with the use of improved personal safety equipment.  Bunker gear and breathing apparatus help us get closer to the fire for short periods of time.

Some accidents require extreme methods to free the persons in the vehicle.  Our department uses a set of hydraulic spreading tools commonly called "jaws of life".  We also use hydraulic rams and cutters.  These tools enable firefighters to spread, pull, and cut metal.  To assist in this we also use power saws, glass cutters, air struts, and other assorted hand operated tools.

Each time the ambulance is dispatched to a critical call we are also dispatched to provide support.  We have certified firefighters who are able to provide or assist in providing medical assistance ranging from CPR to EMT-1 level care.

We offer station tours to any school or community group serviced by the WVFD.  We visit the schools each year during National Fire Prevention Week.  This gives the local children a chance to see the fire trucks, firefighters, and learn about fire safety.



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