Wheatland Volunteer Fire Department

Wheatland VFD Fall Fire School 2020
Held annually every third weekend in September.

Schedule: Thursday September 17, 3:00 pm
S230/S231 Blended Class

Friday September 18, 2020 8:00 am
S230/S231 Blended Class
12 pm Lunch will be served
5pm Hospitality

Saturday, September 19 ,2020
8 am All other classes begin
12 pm Lunch will be served
5 pm Dinner ( TBD AT THIS TIME )
Sunday, September 20,2020

8am Classes continue
12pm Lunch will be served

We will be eating the meals outside with a groups of 6 can sit at a single table. We will have hand sanitizer available and various locations throughout the building. If students wish to wear masks I will leave that up to the individual as at this point they are a suggestion but not a mandate by the CDC. All food or drink surfaces will be wiped with recommended cleaners routinely. Also, we will recommend if someone feels sick they not attend the school.

Please see Class Schedule for list of available classes. The fee is $120 per student for burn building and the LPG class for materials and supply. the fee for all class room will be $100.00 per student
*** please fill out live fire training form and bring with you to school***
** the Wyoming State Fire Chiefs grant will pay fee`s for Volunteer Firefighters this year***
Please contact Training Captain Kevin Brown for more details. (P) 307-575-4752 or email him at wheatlandfire.training@gmail.com or email at bobg@fireduprescue.com. Please include an email address with your registration where updates and changes can be sent.

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